A company with significant Zirconium, Titanium and Cobalt resources


Broken Hill Prospecting Limited (BPL) is planning to progress to feasibility and development of Heavy Mineral Sands (HMS) deposits which have high grades, are of modest size, and are well located.


Two deposits (Copi North and Magic) located in the Murray basin, south of Broken Hill were recently drill tested by the Company in joint venture with Relentless Resources Ltd. Maiden resources, determined for both deposits, have higher HM contents than production grades reported at nearby operating mines.

The project will benefit from recent advances in HMS separation technology. Future mine development will be assisted by adaption of modular and transportable plant(s) to process high-grade and shallow HMS resources within a district which has the benefit of established infrastructure, transport, workforce and services.

The Company is seeking to fast track development of a pipeline of modest size but high-grade HMS sand deposits. It is undertaking exploration on other HMS deposits in the region with a view for a project with low capital expenditure, short development time frame and early returns.



Broken Hill Prospecting Limited (BPL) is a mining and exploration company that is seeking to develop the significant Pyrite Hill, Big Hill and Railway cobalt deposits located 25 kilometres south-west of the world famous mining centre of Broken Hill in western New South Wales.

Broken Hill 勘探有限公司 正在寻求开发位于在新南威尔士西部世界著名的 Broken Hill 矿藏中心西南 25 公里的具有重要意义的 Pyrite Hill, Big Hill 和 Railway 的钴矿藏。

The deposits are geologically unusual because they do not occur as a bi-product with richer copper or nickel deposits, as is the case in nearly every other mine around the globe. Cobalt, therefore, would be the main focus of any mining development.


The deposits exist near surface and recent drilling has defined a footprint which is at least 4km in length that is open at width, depth and length. The mineralisation can be simply processed to a cobalt-pyrite concentrate, which, because of the excellent location, could be transported by rail/road/sea for processing to produce cobalt, sulphuric acid and iron ore products


With demand for cobalt growing from new-age applications including rechargeable batteries for electric cars and super alloys for turbines and motors, BPL offers a large and secure future supply source with low political and technical risk in comparison with other producing countries. Currently, 65% of the world’s supply is from central Africa.

随着对钴的需求的不断增长,包括用于电子汽车,超合金涡轮以及充电电池超合金涡轮和马达在新时代的应用,Broken Hill勘探有限公司能提供与其他生产国家相比具有低政治和技术风险以及大量的和有保障性的供货资源。目前,65%的世界供给自于非洲中部。

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